Effectively plan, design, implement, support and audit a highly secured and optimized IT environment without compromising the quality of delivering the IT services in the organization.
People, technologies and organizations; all are measured by the services they provide, and we believe that even the best technology in the world has to satisfy its users' needs. This is why Fireware is committed to customer satisfaction as the key element of providing our professional services. Packed with this culture in mind, we provide our clients the following services:
Offensive securityDefensive securityAnti-malwareForensics

Offensive security

Defensive security



System integrationSystem administrationProgrammingContinuous support

System integration



Continuous support

Each category of our services is aimed to address the project in hand from a risk perspective. The goal is to elevate the level of protection against a given security risk. Many of today’s IT security projects are product-centric that may or may not serve the ultimate need of the business. 

Fireware Professional Services

For many years and across the region, Fireware professional services team have been delivering the most complex and challenging projects with outstanding success. With efficiency, unique skills, rich experience, mission-critical commitment and genuine ownership qualities we have built a true legacy and strong reputation.
We continue to build positive relationships with most of the large system integrators and IT solutions providers in the region. To understand more about our professional services capability, please contact our sales team. Contact details can be found at our Contacts Us page.

Agile project management

Traditionally, IT newotks and security projects have been delivered in a waterfall, stage by stage model. We at Fireware Networks have identified this as a broken model. IT network and security solutions are not delivered completely by implementing the technology. More vital phase, mostly ignored, is the continuous monitoring after the initial implementation. Our Agile delivery methodology is designed from the ground up based on this fact.
agile cycle
Influencing and shaping future envieronments
Early warning-scanning
the emerging trends 
Responding to opportunities and riscs
Information led decisions and solutions
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